IRA Approved Precious Metals

For people looking to enhance their investment portfolio, investing in IRA approved precious metals is an essential step. IRA approved precious metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium has been benchmark of asset strength for centuries, and investing in these precious metals is sure going to stabilize your investment portfolio in a much profound manner.

Gold IRA Companies provides approved, certified and standard Gold Bullions in physical form that the customers can keep. It is the benchmark of strength and helps the people sail through rough financial times in a very seamless manner. The best part about the Gold IRA is that it can be easily liquidated, and has been known to provide consistent returns over the years. There are many great gold IRA companies that you can purchase IRA approved precious metals from, but you must always read Gold IRA reviews before going ahead and making the purchase.

The main reason why people go for a 401k gold IRA rollover is because it ensures that no matter what is the situation of the market, your investments do not plunge along with the market if that is the case. It would work like an anchor for your investments, and ensure that your asset value do not turn upside down overnight ever. So, invest in IRA approved precious metals to make your Gold IRA rollover investments give great returns in the future, and to secure your financial future smartly.

Is the Stock Market About To Crash in 2015?

In 2000 is was predicted that a Y2K bug would hit the computer systems and crash the stock market. That never happened, and looking at computer programming it was illogical to believe that computers would crash just because of the date. However, the year is 2015 and there are financial issues are popping up around the world. These issues that are popping up aren’t just bound to hurt the other countries but it is also bound to cause the US to face a stock market crash.

Warren Buffet is one of the most financially savvy people in the country. In fact, experts put him in the top five people to watch when it comes to the stock market. Despite record trading in the stock market Warren Buffet’s holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, has been selling off stocks like crazy. They have sold as much as 99.7% of some of their stocks. While their main focus has been getting rid of consumer reliant stocks this overall does not show a good sign for the stock market.

On August 24th of this year the Dow saw its largest intraday point decline in history. In one day it dropped 1,000 points. This is not a record that sits well for those that have stocks. This is a possible sign of the recent market trend of all or nothing. As a herd people have been selling or buying all together. About 80% of the trading appears to be all or nothing on some days. On the same day that the Dow saw its major drop the markets gauge of fear, known as The VIX, showed a record volatility.

Overall the global economy has been very slow to expand recently. In 2014, the Japanese economy only expanded 7.4%. That is the smallest expansion since 1989. 2015’s expansion is predicted to be even slower by the end of the year. Russia has seen bad growth too, to the point that their currency is at an all-time low when compared to the United States dollar.

Looking at the growth in the US economy last year there was only a 2.2% growth. In 2015 the total projected growth is only 2.9%. That is next to no growth increase from the past year. Some experts predict that if the Federal Reserve doesn’t act carefully the only path left for the US is a recession which would hurt the stock market.

Recently several countries have been having major issues with debt. The most publicized of the countries is Greece. Greece came extremely to defaulting on their debt. They were able to work out a deal but they were cut off for a period of time from the International Monetary Fund. This was the first time that a developed country has ever defaulted on a payment. A year where a record like this was made does not spell well for the economy.

In June of 2015 the Chinese stock market took a turn for the worse and crashed. It suffered multiple aftershocks before starting to correct itself. This is another sign of the international economy not holding up well in this year alone.

The price of gold and the stock market have correlated over the years. When the stock market is doing its best precious metal prices are at their lowest and vice versa. As soon as prices reach their peaks in either direction they only stay there for so long. Recently silver has been experiencing record low prices and the price of gold has been relatively low. If you follow past trends, this is a sign that the market is about to flip.

With that in mind one of the best ways to safeguard yourself against the stock market crashing is to invest in precious metals. Because precious metal prices are always at their highs when the rest of the economy is doing bad but are low when the market is doing good they make a great investment. You can buy precious metals for very little now then turn around and sell them when the stock market hits its worst.

Overall signs point towards the stock market crashing before the end of 2015. The global economic times are not faring well. As we mentioned if you want to make a good investment before the stock market crashes you should invest in precious metals. That way you are safeguarded for the market crash. There have been too many negative stock records set this year for a positive light to shine on the market.

Gold As An Investment – Bring Stability And Solid Strength To Your Investment Portfolio

Gold is one of the most trusted and reliable investment tools, mainly because it has a historically proven track record of moving independently of other asset class. It brings stability to the investment portfolio, and saves from the volatility, especially during recession and market shock.

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One of the reason why people like gold as an investment tool is because its value is known to increase, slowly but surely. Gold as an investment is also highly reliable because it is tangible and can be easily liquidated, which helps in protecting the purchasing power of the buyer, while also enhancing its risk tolerance. Gold is easily accessible and thanks to the development in the financial and investment sector over the period of time, gold and gold related investment tools are now available in other non-tangible forms for the convenience and safety of the investors, such as gold bonds, gold ETFs, and so on.

People who are seriously looking to diversify their investment portfolio without adding any further volatility can think of investing in gold with eyes closed. However, the investment proportion should ideally stay within the bracket of five to ten percent at best, because even gold provides consistent growth in value, the returns are not very high. Investment in gold is more to protect the investment portfolio from regular market risks and bring stability, rather than for higher returns.

Investment Trends 2015

In the fast pacing world, everything around- economy, geo-politics and environment are changing with the thriving of several challenges. In such situations, when thinking about investment planning, according to Warren Buffett written in a report , “a company must invest in the key ingredients of profitability: its people, communities and the environment”. By following this lead, many investors have widened their perspectives beyond the quarterly profits. That’s why in the US the sustainable, responsible and impact investing (SRI) assets grew up to 76% within 2012 and 2014 as reported by survey by US SIF.

The assets controlled by investment firms in view of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues improved three-fold as per the survey showing. Several US institutional investors as pension funds drew out SRI assets by 77%, and private equity assets along with alternative investment funds considered ESG issues rising 70%. With the improvement in technology and other field, here are some perspective investment trends of 2015.

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Trend #1 Direct Investment through Technology
As per the trend, most of the investors prefer to take advantage of the advancement of conveniences, availability and cost savings for investing directly online. In this growing digital marketplace, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, ETFs-all have been swept. In 2014 trend, the individual investors took advantage of investment opportunities with new generation that was previously available only with the large institutional investors and big financial institutions.
Technology facilitates the individual investors to choose the directions of their investment. Investors in the public companies are also getting the facility of online investment rather than wading through the piles of snail-mail. Now DIY investors are able to do their portfolio research on the web and track their investment performance. Not only small businesses and start-up companies, but also big institutions are offering interest paying direct investment plans.

Trend #2 Bonds, Bonds and Bonds
In 2015, the trend is with the bonds that allow the investors to loan their companies’ money, not buying shares. After the rough years of recessions, the aim of the investors is to look for some stable investment options where they will get higher returns than they will receive from the savings accounts or their CDs. As per the Wall Street Journal reported, “The trend shows bond buyers’ increasing comfort that companies will repay them, thanks to rock-bottom interest rates and an economic recovery that, while tepid, is showing signs of renewed strength”. Thus the companies are being benefited by the income caused by corporate bonds.

Trend #3 Investment in Precious Metals
As some precious metals like gold and silver are considered as evade against the currency devaluation, people throughout the world including investors, national banks, the rich class, the middle class and even people with lower income prefer to invest on them, especially with gold. Right now, there is a global gold rush for which the people are choosing the gold IRA as part of their retirement plan in order to secure their lifelong savings. Investing with the precious metals is secure enough as they have great capacity to store wealth and prosperity.